Triple Collection


Meet our substantial Triple Collection, a combination of two contrast material unexpectedly constructed a perfect structure. A luscious nylon is lightweight and waterproof while the veg-tan leather strengthens durability.


• Trip Bag
• Fold Bag
• Row Bag

Trip Bag

The drawstring detail with clean-refine altering the bag to three different styles,

Collection Triple (5)

a chic bucket bag, a simplistic tote and a refine backpack.

DSC_9992 - Copy

The signature alterable string is covered with leather detail, provide handy to hold. A simplistic shape generously allows you to carry all your essential.

Collection Triple (7)

Fold Bag

This elegant tote bag is a straight forward fundamental to your everyday look.

Collection Triple (2)

Minimizing of the metal hardware detail, eliminating addition weight while maintaining a clean timeless style.

Collection Triple (3)

The alterable feature of this bag allow you to fold the tote bag in to a pretty shoulder bag or carry it as a compact fold clutch.

Collection Triple (4)

Row Bag

An exquisite haft circle bag that distinctively shifts into three different bag style, a snap shoulder bag, a chic hobo bag, and a flexible cross-body bag.

Collection Triple (9)

With the larger strap allow your wear comfortably.

Collection Triple (10)