EMERGE started with a vision to create unique pieces that intergrate between aesthetic and function. Working each design over and over, focusing on simple, classic forms with ease of use function. Considering the users' needs. The final design is a contemporary classic piece with snap function.


By exploring and experimenting, we are able to express individual creativity. Each pieces is a blend of flexible fuctional design and aesthetic pleasing elements.


Tanya Luechapatanporn, Designer

Tanya started making her first bag because she couldn't find a bag that meets her needs. Through learning leather crafting and accessory design from Domus Academy, the process ignites her passion in bag making of unique pieces.

DSC01824 copy

Each EMERGE piece is designed and made in Thailand by our local experienced craftsman.

By taking away the access, putting forward a well crafted bag made with quality materials, allows pieces to stand the test of time. EMERGE handbag shares the joy of quality over quantity, without giving up the flexibility of styling options.